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NEW MAPS have recently been bought to complete the set of O.S. Explorer maps covering a 40-50 mile radius of Dudley.

Our maps have recently been up-graded to the modern orange Explorers.

Should you wish to borrow a map, we do have all the local maps now and they are available in the new modern edition.

The list of new maps is below.

Whilst some of us use GPS and other means of tracking and planning our walks, it was still felt at the committee meeting that a one off investment to update the maps covering places local to us would be appropriate. We already have maps that cover the remaining areas within a 40-50 mile radius of Dudley.

Please phone me if you require a map on 01384 394094, or email me on christinacoo@yahoo.co.uk and let me know so that I can arrange for you to borrow one.

Dudley Ramblers keeps other O.S. maps covering more distant areas of England & Wales.  Some maps are in the latest editions, most are yellow Explorers.  However, it is always worth enquiring to see if a map is in one of the 5 boxes if you are off on holiday or planning a walk that is further afield.


179 – Gloucester, Cheltenham & Stroud *

OL14 – Wye Valley *

189 – Hereford & Ross on Wye  190 – Malvern Hills & Bredon Hill

201 – Knighton & Presteigne   202 – Leominster & Bromyard

203 – Ludlow     204 – Worcester & Droitwich

205 – Stratford & Evesham   206 – Edge Hill & Fenny Compton

216 – Welshpool & Montgomery  217 – Long Mynd

218 – Kidderminster & Wyre Forest  219 – Wolverhampton

220 – Birmingham    222 – Rugby & Daventry

240 – Oswestry    241 – Shrewsbury

242 – Telford & Ironbridge   243 – Market Drayton

244 – Cannock Chase & Chasewater  Exp6 – Cannock Chase

245 – The National Forest & Burton on Trent

257 – Crewe & Nantwich   258 – Stoke on Trent

259 – Derby     OL24 – White Peak

Don’t forget that if you don’t use the internet or library, or find yourself short on ideas for a walk, we have a number of books, and a full folder of pre-prepared walks to use.

Maps marked * are borderline 40-50 mile radius of Dudley.  A note regarding some of the maps is that, although the main city or town of the map may be within a 50 mile radius, the outlying area does go beyond this limit.

Above all though, have fun planning your walks.                             



Happy Walking - Everyone

  Autumn Newsletter 2019          

Hello all

 Autumn’s here!  I could swear but I won’t!  I’m heartily sick just recently of getting wet when I walk to/from work.  I don’t drive, and since all the bus numbers and routes have changed, AGAIN, I’d have to get 2 buses for what should be a 10 minute journey.  Occasionally, I splash out, - ooh, there’s a funny: rain, splash!! – I’ll get a taxi.  It is rather damp isn’t it, but on the whole I suppose we’re quite lucky when we walk on Sundays, the weather forecast is quite often, fortunately, slightly incorrect.  Anyways, I’ll stop rambling on – another funny!! – and continue in a proper manner.

 One item enclosed is the quarterly programme.  It’s looking fuller than the last programme, so that’s good, but there is a slight change to it.  More or less every month there is one less long walk.  The pattern of the weekly walks, starting with a medium, is: medium, short/long, short/long, short only.  This is due to the shortage of long walk leaders. The next draft programme, from March 2020, is being produced as you read this, so please, keep those walks coming in.  Even if they’ve been done before it doesn’t matter, it’s just lovely to be outside walking.

 The second item enclosed is the Christmas Meal invitation.  As notified in the last newsletter, and on several walks, this will take place on Sunday 8 December at the Lock pub in Wolverley at 1:30pm.  Also, as notified previously, this will be a subsidised event for club members.  Past members are welcome to attend but they will have to pay the full price.  As always there will be a short walk before.  It would be great if those attending could possibly provide a Christmas gift for our annual raffle.  Even better if it was wrapped.  I didn’t wrap mine last year!  Oops!!

 Before the next programme is issued all club members will be receiving paperwork in connection with the AGM.  Please give some thought to becoming part of the committee.  We don’t at the moment have the numbers on it that we would like to represent the club as a whole.  You’re probably aware that meetings are held every 6-8 weeks to discuss the running of the club, and to have a couple of members that mainly take part in the short walks would be excellent.  We need your views and representation.

 Ideas for coach rambles, holidays, and anything else that could be organised, would be most welcome, so put your thinking caps on everyone.  There are several factors that make up the club, and we need all of them to keep the club running.

 Many thanks to you all for being part of such a great club.  If you know of anyone else that enjoys walking, bring them along one Sunday.  The more of us the merrier.   

Marie – Club Chair/Secretary